Services: Armed & Unarmed Security


Best Armed and Unarmed Security services in Satara

At Om Sai Security Services Pvt Ltd, a security guard or security officer's job is to prevent and deter crime. Security guards are occasionally called upon to safeguard people and property. Safety officers can also be called upon to detain, track, or arrest people if necessary.
A guard's primary duty is to prevent illegal activity on his employer's property. Our guard is also responsible for ensuring his employer, clients, customers, and people's safety. Om Sai Security Services Pvt Ltd Watchmen are usually dressed in uniform and carry radios, alarms, cameras, and scanners.

Customers can enjoy the benefit of the following services:

  • Observation: To do an effective surveillance job, a security guard must be alert and quick to detect any attempts to harm the property or injure residents. Guards at a security desk, in general, monitor live feeds from surveillance cameras strategically placed around the premises. Mobile security guards patrol an employer's premises regularly to stay alert to possible threats.
  • To Dissuade: The presence of security services provides some measure of deterrence against criminal activity. On the other hand, these security guards also perform proactive tasks to keep unwanted elements at bay. Security guards are in charge of enforcing an employer's policies, especially those concerning security. They use discretion and conduct security screenings before granting permission to enter or exit a building to ensure that no one intending to commit an unlawful crime such as robbery or arson is allowed in or out.
  • Initial Reaction: Security guards are the first to respond to incidents and emergencies. If a security guard senses an incident on the property, it is his duty to handle the case. If anyone tries to gain unauthorized entry, the watchman will eject him from the premises. However, there are times where additional assistance is needed, such as when the watchman witnesses a crime or responds to an emergency.
  • Administrative position: Watchmen also have administrative responsibilities, such as directing guests and keeping regular logs and monthly reports on the security condition. Since the guard is often the first person to interact with visitors, they must be approachable, articulate, and able to provide sufficient guidance.
  • Armed Defense Guard: Most of the police officers and security guards do not carry firearms. Any of our security guards in Satara can carry and use weapons on the job, such as batons, handguns, and pepper spray, and they all have armed security guard licenses and training, as well as shooting experience.