Services: Bank / ATM Security


World Class Bank and ATM security services

Defense facilities for banks and ATMs that is world-class. Om Sai Security Services provides superior surveillance and care-taking services to banks and ATMs. Our staff is professionally and properly qualified to manage individual banks / ATMs' demands. Our services are dependable and easy to use. We provide our prestigious clients with well-trained and experienced security guards to earn their support.

We have qualified and professional security guards for VIP clients as requested by the client. The working candidate must be well-educated, well-groomed and experienced. To improve your banking operations and provide you with more insight into your market, our integrated banking security solutions merge industry-leading banking security systems with various remote security monitoring and management services.

Our offerings are separated into two categories:

  • Banks' security services:

    Top security guards will also be in charge of protecting bank employees. Furthermore, they are eligible to assist customers if necessary. Different security guards are needed for separate positions inside a bank. Our guards stationed outside would also keep track of who was coming and leaving. Simultaneously, the person on the inside will monitor the bank's customers' actions.
    Top bank security guards are well-built and well-trained to handle any situation. Their careful planning enables them to spot any unforeseen circumstances and act appropriately to prevent disasters. Our security guards can react instinctively in the event of a threat or robbery.

  • ATMs security features:

    ATMs are the most common location for non-banking transactions. The ATM security guard we have is always cheerful and willing to assist customers if necessary.Highly Trained security guards will be used to transport cash in vans around Satara to load it into ATMs. These security guards, on the whole, bear self-defense guns and use them.
    ATMs, especially at night, need the highest degree of security. Customers who attend ATMs late at night or during off-peak hours are more vulnerable to assaults. We understand that looking after your customers is your responsibility, and we treat it as well.

  • Why do you choose us?

  • Our training officer instructs them on communicating with a security guard stationed at an ATM. Security guards are important for putting customers in line during banking hours. Aiding the ill and providing the required information to the bank manager and police regularly.
    Om Sai Safeguard Services, based in Satara, is a world-class private security guard firm that specializes in bank security.